UNSW Lecture Recordings - Venues

Lectures are recorded across the three campuses (Kensington, Canberra and Paddington) in a variety of CATS and non-CATS venues.

The following is a list of lecture recording enabled venues.

Recording in Week 13

The UNSW official teaching period (in accordance with a 2009 S2 Academic Board decision) follows a 12-weeks-in-13 model. Lectures are held in Weeks 1–12, with Week 13 reserved for tutorials. More information is available on this page: https://my.unsw.edu.au/unsw/Calendar.html

If timetabling staff book according to the standard timetable, only weeks 1–12 are automatically scheduled for lecture recording. If you require an additional week's lecture(s) to be recorded, you will need to advise your administrative staff to add that week to the timetable.

If you omit to ask for this during the timetabling process, contact the IT Service Centre to have the additional week manually scheduled.

Current UNSW Lecture Recordings enabled venues

Building Name Room Name
K-B16 Colombo K-B16-LG03 Theatre A NEW
K-B16 Colombo K-B16-LG04 Theatre B NEW
K-B16 Colombo K-B16-LG05 Theatre C NEW
K-C24 Sir John Clancy Auditorium K-C24-G17 Clancy Aud
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-201 MathewsThA
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-203 MathewsThB
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-303 MathewsThC
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-304 MathewsThD
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-105 ASBus 105
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-115 ASBus 115
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-119 ASBus 119
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-130 ASBus 130
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-205 ASBus 205
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-216 ASBus 216
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-220 ASBus 220
K-E12 Australian School Business K-E12-232 ASBus 232
K-E15 Quadrangle Building K-E15-1027 Macauley Th
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-103 CLB 6
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-104 CLB 7
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-105 CLB 8
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G02 CLB 1
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G03 CLB 2
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G04 CLB 3
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G05 CLB 4
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G06 CLB 5
K-E27 Biological Sciences (East) K-E27-A Biomed ThA
K-E27 Biological Sciences (East) K-E27-B Biomed ThB
K-E27 Biological Sciences (East) K-E27-C Biomed ThC
K-E27 Biological Sciences (East) K-E27-D Biomed ThD
K-E27 Biological Sciences (East) K-E27-E Biomed ThE
K-E27 Biological Sciences (East) K-E27-F Biomed ThF
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M18 ChemSc M18
K-F17 Rex Vowels Theatre K-F17-LG3 Rex Vowels
K-F8 Law Building K-F8-G02 Law Th G02
K-F8 Law Building K-F8-G04 Law Th G04
K-F8 Law Building K-F8-G23 Law Th G23
K-F25 Samuels K-F25-241 Samuels 241 NEW
K-C27 Wallace Wurth Building K-C27-LG02 WurthLG02 NEW
K-C27 Wallace Wurth Building K-C27-LG03 WurthLG03 NEW
K-G14 Webster Building K-G14-127 NSGlob Th
K-G14 Webster Building K-G14-327 Webster 327 NEW
K-G14 Webster Building K-G14-G17 Webster G17 NEW
K-G15 Webster Theatres K-G15-190 Webst ThA
K-G15 Webster Theatres K-G15-290 Webst ThB
K-G17 Electrical Engineering Bld K-G17-G24 ElecEngG24
K-G19 The Scientia K-G19-LG02 Ritchie Th
K-H13 The Red Centre K-H13-G001 RC Theatre
K-H20 Civil Engineering Building K-H20-101 CivEng 101
K-H20 Civil Engineering Building K-H20-109 CivEng 109
K-H20 Civil Engineering Building K-H20-G1 CivEng G1
K-J14 Keith Burrows Theatre K-J14-G5 Burrows Th
K-K14 Physics Theatre K-K14-19 PhysicsTh
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-112 OMB 112
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-145 OMB 145
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-149 OMB 149
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-150 OMB 150
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-151 OMB 151
K-M15 Rupert Myers Building K-M15-1001 Myers Thtr
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M10 ChemSc M10
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M11 ChemSc M11
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M17 ChemSc M17
K-F13 Science Theatre K-F13-G09 Science Th
Building Name Room Name
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 LecThS04 Z-30-LT04 NEW
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 LecThS05 Z-30-LT05 NEW
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 Sem 01 Z-30-SR01 NEW
ADFA Bldg 15 SEIT Z-15H7 CompSc 152 Z-15-152 NEW
ADFA Bldg 15 SEIT Z-15H7 CompSc 154 Z-15-154 NEW
ADFA Bldg 20 SEIT Z-20F8 B20, R109 Z-20-PC NEW
ADFA Bldg 20 SEIT Z-20F8 B20,R123 Z-20-123 NEW
ADFA Building 21 Z-21F8 PEMS SL1 Z-21-379 NEW
ADFA Bldg 26 PEMS Z-26H9 PEMS P25 Z-26-G03 NEW
Building Name Room Name