2019 National Students as Partners Roundtable

UNSW was pleased to host the annual National Students as Partners Roundtable in 2019Students as Partners Logo

The event brought together students, academics, and professional staff from 21 higher education institutions from across Australia, New Zealand and China to explore innovative and transformative developments in education led by Students as Partners initiatives. 

The event provided an opportunity to: 

  • Share Students as Partners practices, ideas, and experiences with colleagues and peers from other higher education institutions
  • Discover new ways of considering Students as Partners in higher education
  • Network with a diversity of Students as Partners practitioners
  • Harness the creativity of staff and students to address teaching and learning challenges.

Resources are available below.

Join the Australian Students as Partners Network.

Attendees of the 2019 National Students as Partners Roundtable at UNSW Sydney share their thoughts on Students as Partners frameworks in higher education.

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Getting to UNSW


Program booklet with case studies and poster abstracts

Presentation Slides