Foundations of University Learning and Teaching Program (FULT)

The Foundations in University Learning and Teaching (FULT) program is a modularised program of professional learning experiences aimed at developing the foundational knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to teach in higher education in an active and scholarly way. 

FULT comprises three modules that combine online learning on Moodle and FutureLearn with four face-to-face sessions.  You may choose to participate in and complete any one or more of these modules as a non-certified or non-accredited professional development experience. Alternatively, you may opt to complete all three of these modules and submit an ePortfolio containing evidence of your engagement with and completion of the learning activities associated with all three of the modules and receive a Certificate of Completion.

FULT is part of a series of programs on university learning and teaching as described in Image 1, below. Successful completion of the FULT program, is one of the requirements to gain entry into the University’s Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (GCULT). Visit the link here for further information.


Image 1. Programs for learning and teaching at UNSW



Dates for 2017

A course outline for FULT 1701 is available here.  FULT adopts a “blended learning” approach. Participants who attend the face-to-face (F2F) activities are required to have gone through the online resources and activities prior to attending the F2F session. They are also expected to complete the follow-up online tasks and maintain an ePortfolio as part of the program. In order to gain a Certificate of Completion, participants must complete all three modules and submit the ePortfolio.

The FULT modules are:

  • Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • Introduction to Educational Design in Higher Education
  • Introduction to Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education 
The total time commitment of the program is approximately 35-40 hours over a 10 week period. Each module includes 2 hours of F2F class time and an additional 4 hours (approx.) of activities online per week.

FULT Dates 2017

The dates and times for the Semester 2 2017 FULT program are outlined below. 

Semester 2: FULT 1702

  • Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 31 July - 18 August.  
    F2F session: Tuesday 8 August, 10am-12pm.
  • Introduction to Educational Design in Higher Education, 21 August - 8 September  
    F2F session Tuesday, 29 August, 10am-12pm.
  • Introduction to Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, 11 - 29 September.  
    F2F session Monday 18 September, 10am - 12pm.
  • Wrap up: Bringing it all together - the relationship between learning, teaching, educational design, enhancement and assessment. F2F session: Tuesday, 10 October, 10am - 12pm.
  • OPTIONAL: two optional ePortfolio drop-in sessions will be held on Wednesday 6 September from 10-12pm and Thursday 19th October from 2-4pm

NOTE: Sessions will take place in The Tyree RoomJohn Niland Scientia Building (G19), Kensington campus.



FULT Registration for Semester 2, 2017 is now closed as the program is at capacity.  Please email to be placed on a waitlist or express interest for 2018.



Program Aims

The FULT program aims to help you to increase your understanding and develop skills and confidence in your learning and teaching practice, drawing from your own reflections, experience of your peers and educational literature. After completing this program you should be able to:

  1. Apply learner-centred approaches to teaching and/or design for learning in higher education.
  2. Integrate current curriculum design, teaching, assessment and evaluation principles and practices in your practice.
  3. Develop teaching capability in face-to-face, blended and online learning contexts.
  4. Critically reflect on professional practice drawing on current educational literature, institutional policy and other sources.   



Topic Areas

The FULT program includes sessions on:

  • Approaches to student learning and how this relates to your particular context and discipline.
  • Fundamentals of good practice in curriculum development, constructive alignment between teaching aims, learning outcomes, learning activities, and assessment.
  • Appropriate assessment approaches to support intended student learning.
  • Teaching and learning strategies relevant to specific teaching contexts.
  • Developing your teaching practice through your own reflection, input from your colleagues and student feedback.
  • Practical demonstration of a learning and teaching strategy and methodology informed by current theory and good practice.

Program Requirements

Entry requirements

To enrol in the program, you must be employed by the University and be teaching, or supporting design and development, within a formal university course and/or workshops and/or seminars for students or staff. The FULT program focuses on continued teaching development and is not an induction program. The program builds on the participants' prior teaching experience; therefore, we recommend that participants have taught at a university for at least one semester before attending FULT.  If you are new to teaching, please register your interest in the Beginning to Teach Program.

Attendance requirements

The FULT program consists of three modules. To complete a module, you will have to provide evidence of your participation and understanding of the course content via an ePortfolio after completing the associated tasks and face-to-face session of that module. Before enrolling, consider whether you can meet the expected time commitment, keeping in mind your workload and other commitments (e.g. ARC submission deadlines, assessment marking or staff meetings).  In order to meet the completion requirements, you are required to attend at least three of the four face-to-face sessions - the fourth being a wrap-up session that will bring together the relationship between the key topics covered throughout the program.

The total time commitment of the program is approximately 35-40 hours over a 10 week period. Each module includes 2 hours of F2F class time and an additional 4 hours (approx.) of activities online per week.

Completion requirements

You may choose to complete all four of the FULT modules and submit an ePortfolio containing evidence of your engagement with and completion of the learning activities associated the four modules and receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you choose to complete a selection of FULT modules as a professional development activity without receiving the Certificate of Completion, you may still finish the program by (a) completing the modules and activities in future offerings of the FULT program and (b) collecting the required evidence of engagement and completion in an ePortfolio.


The FULT certificate can be included in your teaching portfolio, and in applications for promotion and other forms of recognition. This program articulates with the Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching, which is an accredited university program. Those wishing to leverage their participation in FULT as a means of gaining admission to the University’s Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (GCULT) will need to satisfactorily complete an additional 80-90 hours of reading and assessment work.


For some academic or professional staff, your employment at UNSW is conditional on you attending FULT within the first three years of your appointment. If you have significant teaching experience and formal teaching qualifications, an exemption may be granted on the grounds of one or more of the following:

  • successful completion of a Graduate Certificate, a Diploma or Master's degree in Higher Education at UNSW or another university.
  • successful completion of a higher education course equivalent to the Foundations of University Learning and Teaching program, at UNSW or another university.
  • demonstrated experience of at least three years in high-quality university teaching, i.e. learning and teaching awards, Vice-Chancellor's teaching excellence awards, citation etc.

If you meet these criteria please seek exemption from your Head of School.  (The PVC Education Portfolio no longer manages exemptions and there are no forms to complete, you are welcome to forward notification from your Head of School of your exemption to if you'd like.)

Benefits and Testimonials

Benefits for you

The FULT program aims to help you to develop an understanding of, and skills and confidence in, your teaching practice.  
Frequently reported benefits by previous participants include:
  • the opportunity to get feedback on your teaching from colleagues and workshop facilitators in a supportive environment,
  • cross-disciplinary sharing of ideas and strategies with colleagues involved in learning and teaching,
  • interaction with and support of learning partners and colleagues.

Video Series - Academics Discuss Benefits of FULT

Featuring Dr. Frances Miley, Dr. Husna Razee and Dr. Duncan McDuie-Ra


"It was a wonderful experience. I feel very lucky to have had this training and time to think about my teaching practice. I eagerly look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice."

"I found the opportunity to network with colleagues of different level[s] of teaching experience especially helpful in my current and future teaching/career planning. Also the open and friendly environment for idea exchange and instant feedback were very welcoming and helpful."

"I learnt that many of my teaching practices are on the right track, but now I have more skills and tools for reflecting upon and refining my teaching. The course made explicit many of things that intuitively make sense, but I think having done the course, the processes of development of my teaching practices will improve and become more rational. And with this comes confidence that I can keep learning from, and enjoying, teaching."



If you have an enquiry about the program please contact us.