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About A.I.D.E (Text)

UNSW Educational Technology Services Presents


Artificial Intelligence for Digital Education

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  • Ask any question about UNSW's extensive range of educational technologies and online resources
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  • Try "What's A.I.D.E?"

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  • Ask things like "How do I delete a course?" or "Where do students submit assignments?"

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  • Learn about Moodle, theBox, Lecture Recordings+ and other services
  • Try How do I release my LR+ sessions?

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  • Find details easily about our learning and teaching spaces
  • Ask about "The capacity of CLB 1"

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  • A.I.D.E uses clever algorithms to learn from its mistakes and feedback provided by you
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Devices and browsers compatible with A.I.D.E?

A: This chatbot is accessible on latest versions of all desktop and laptop browsers and mobile devices except Internet Explorer. 

Q: Can I talk to someone directly on A.I.D.E?

A: Unfortunately, not at this stage. But, the Bot will raise a service request if it's not able to answer your question and one of us will respond to you within 24 hours. 

Q: Do I have to login to chat with A.I.D.E?

A: No, all you need to do is select your faculty to begin the chat. This is just for reporting purposes. 

Q: Can I access Moodle via A.I.D.E?

A: No, A.I.D.E is currently not integrated with Moodle but it will help you with the link to Moodle. 

Q: Who owns and maintains A.I.D.E?

A: PVCE Educational Technology Services own and maintain A.I.D.E. They also perform timely updates to its knowledge base to have the latest information.

Q: Is A.I.D.E available for students as well?

A: Not at this stage. A.I.D.E is currently only trained to respond Staff related enquires. 

Q: Can I contact External TELT via A.I.D.E?

A: No, A.I.D.E is a chatbot and does not provide direct connect to external services. 

Q: Does A.I.D.E store any of my personal information?

A: No, you don't need to provide any personal information to chat with A.I.D.E. Only your zID is collected when a ticket is raised if A.I.D.E is unable to answer your query.

Q: Is my chat history stored somewhere?

A: Yes, the chat history is stored anonymously for 30 days for bot training purposes.

Q: Who can I contact about this chatbot?

A: To provide any review or feedback about A.I.D.E, use the feedback form available at the beginning of this page.