Building and Recognising Professional Skills using Standards-Based Assessment, ePortfolios and Badges

Presented by Associate Professor Patsie Polly, Faculty of Medicine, Scientia Education Fellow
Building and Recognising Professional Skills using Standards-Based Assessment, ePortfolios and Badges

Development of co-curricular professional skills and capabilities by undergraduates that are linked to formal academic, curricular learning is difficult to capture at the degree program and institutional level.

As a 2016-2017 UNSW Teaching Fellow, Patsie will take this opportunity to discuss the work done to address the following issue: ‘how do professional skills that underlie graduate capabilities get captured, tracked and recognised for future employability in a research-intensive university?’ Use of standards-based, aligned assessment of academic achievement that underpin graduate capabilities was tracked in three science-based degree programs within the Faculties of Medicine and Science.

Complimentary to this, a system of professional skills recognition has been developed that can be translated into a simple open badging ecosystem. Patsie will discuss development of the research method on cross-disciplinary ‘skills awareness and development capture’ using ‘ePortfolio/reflective blogging’ coupled to rubrics. While this fellowship progressed through UNSW, there is scope to implement this mechanism for extracting data across any ePortfolio platform for application as metadata that sits behind badges of skills recognition. The mechanism of capturing and quantifying and recognising these skills at UNSW and beyond will also be discussed.

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About Patsie Polly
Patsie is recognised nationally and internationally as a medical research scientist, leading teacher and innovative education researcher. Patsie infuses her medical research experience into the classroom by strategically integrating adaptive lessons, ePortfolio pedagogy and collaborative communities of practice to allow her students to learn career-relevant skills.

Patsie has led reflective ePortfolio implementation to develop deep learning of teamwork and communication competencies in science students; contextualising these for their future as medical researchers and health professionals.

8th Mar 2018, 1:00pm to 2:00pm