Connections Seminar: Reflections on the future of work: a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) approach

Connections Seminar: Reflections on the future of work: a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) approach

Presented by Associate Professor Leanne Piggott (SFHEA), Academic Director of WIL Central, Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto (SFHEA), Academic consultant and James Meade, Senior Policy Manager, WIL Central.

This seminar will first explore current ideas about the future of work and associated development of appropriate dispositions and skills of our students. We will then consider how work integrated learning (WIL) contributes to the development of students’ preparedness for the workplace and the adequacy of current learning and teaching approaches.

We already know that WIL is an effective means of enhancing student work readiness and bridging the gap between class-room theory and practice. However, the needs of future citizens and workers is predicted to be quite different, with more emphasis on flexibility and adaptability, cross-disciplinary knowledge, creativity, entrepreneurial skills, empathy, and interpersonal skills. What changes in learning and teaching might therefore be needed for the future? One option we are considering at WIL Central is how the learning theory known as heutagogy might be used as part of a WIL approach to advance our students’ capabilities for continual, self-directed learning in preparing them for the future of work.

This will be an interactive seminar, intended to stimulate conversation about how we build an effective environment for student learning for their future and life-long learning.

About the team:

Leanne PiggottAssociate Professor Leanne Piggott (SFHEA) is the Academic Director of WIL Central, Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education). She is also the Education Director at the Centre for Social Impact in the UNSW Business School.



Theresa Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto (SFHEA) is an Academic consultant with extensive experience and expertise in WIL pedagogy who works with WIL Central.





James Meade is Senior Policy Manager, WIL Central. He has a strong interest in how the policy environment within, and outside of, UNSW can support strong educational and industry engagement outcomes.


31st Oct 2019, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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