Connections: Designing and delivering online open book exams and alternative assessments

Presented by Prof. Nalini Pather,  Mr Bradley Hastings,  A/Prof. Pedro Teixeira Isaias, Dr George Joukhadar & Mr Danny Carroll, Business School and Faculty of Medicine  
Connections:  Designing and delivering online open book exams and alternative assessments

This presentation aligns with the following UNSW Communities of Practice 'Student Feedback and Digital Assessment'. More information can be found here.

Academics and professional staff from the Schools of Information Systems, Management and Business Digital Learning (UNSW Business) and the School of Medical Sciences will present on their experiences designing and delivering online open book exams and alternative assessments. The four presentations will describe successful approaches undertaken, what was learned and how these approaches are transferrable to other Disciplines.




A/Prof. Pedro Teixeira Isaias & Dr George Joukhadar

Reflections of the experience of take-home exams in the School of Information Systems and Technology, UNSW Business

Mr Bradley Hastings

Closed-book to open-book exams: adapting existing question banks for online teaching in postgraduate Management courses. Experiences from UNSW and NYU.

 Course: MGMT5710, Managing and Leading People

Prof. Nalini Pather

Authentic assessment: challenging the creativity of both the student and teacher


Nalini provides a discipline perspective with reflections from both UNSW and other Aus/NZ universities.


Mr Danny Carroll

Observations on recent changes and innovation in Faculty practices in Open Book exams and alternate assessments




About the presenters: 

Bradley Hastings, Pedro Texiera Isaias, George Joukhadar, Danny Carroll and Nalini Pather

Professor Nalini Pather currently teaches into the UNSW Medicine programme as well as to Exercise Physiology, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science students. She has won several awards (Faculty, Vice-Chancellor, Australian OLT citation awards) for her contributions to higher education. Nalini is a Scientia Education Fellow and leads a research group (Applied Anatomy and Imaging Technologies Research) investigating anatomical applications and imaging technology in clinical practice and education. 

Mr Bradley Hastings is a lecturer in the School of Management. Brad has had 20 years of corporate experience as a Partner in a transformational consulting firm and a corporate deal-maker. He is now working in academia to investigate the phenomenon of leadership mindsets and the effect these mindsets have on the successful delivery of organizational change.

Associate Professor Pedro Isaias is an Education Focussed academic at the Information Systems & Technology Management School. Pedro Isaias holds a PhD in Information Management from NOVA University, Lisbon. Author of several books, papers and research reports, and has headed several conferences and workshops all in the information systems area. Currently, he conducts research activity related to MIS in general, and more specifically Learning Technologies, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation, e-Business and WWW related areas.

Dr George Joukhadar is an EF lecturer at the School of Information Systems, Technology and Management. After completing his PhD, George moved to academe after a professional career in the Information System field. At UNSW, George teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses: Databases, Big Data, Business Process Management, Agile Projects, and Managing Complex Projects. His current research focuses on Digital Transformation.

Mr Danny Carroll is the Manager of Business Digital Learning, UNSW Business School. Danny completed a Masters in Philosophy of Higher Education (Research, 2018) and is an educational and digital learning leader, with a career focus on the incorporation of educational technology for systemic improvement of assessment, improved student learning experiences and development of student reflective capabilities. Danny’s research focuses on the utility and accuracy of student self-assessment.

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1st Jul 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

UNSW Staff can access the recording via the Connections Moodle site (self-enrolment key: unswconnections).

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