Connections: Making tutorial preparation engaging: The role of case video quizzes

Presented by Dr Veronica Zixi Jiang, Business School
Connections: Making tutorial preparation engaging: The role of case video quizzes

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Pre-tutorial preparation is essential for tutorial learning success. MARK5700 tutorials use marketing cases to encourage active problem-based learning. However, with over 90% students not native English speakers, only 30-40% students would read the case materials (15-30 pages) before tutorials and only 30% students actively participate in tutorial case discussions. I created 7 case video quizzes for pre-tutorial preparation and the quiz completion rate achieved average 95% across Terms. Students find case video quizzes very interesting and engaging. Students were more confident to speak out their thoughts during tutorial discussions and over 90% students actively participated. Also, I interviewed marketing managers on the case solutions and used interviews to generate more lively debates. The problem-based learning, in-class debates and up-to-date industry views help students understand Australia business contexts better and improve their career skills.

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About Dr Veronica Zixi Jiang

Image of Dr Veronica Zixi JiangAs an educator, my primary goals are to inspire students to learn and to encourage them to achieve their best. I am an enthusiast for designing and implementing educational innovations to improve students’ learning and prepare them for their future career. My course design and delivery emphasise active problem-based learning, co-creative learning and career-focused learning. As a researcher, I focus on consumer behaviour and how to induce behavioural changes.

30th Apr 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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