Connections Seminar: Why Curriculum Map? Examples from 3 Faculties

Presented by Professor Bob Fox (PVCE), Professor Gary Velan (Medicine), Mr Paul Macmullen (UNSW Business School) and Dr Ray Eaton (Engineering)
Connections Seminar: Why Curriculum Map? Examples from 3 Faculties

The seminar explores curriculum mapping and how three faculties are doing it differently. Curriculum mapping is viewed as a process of identifying, designing, monitoring and controlling the balance and the relationships between elements of a program and its courses. Curriculum mapping shows how a program is structured, how its components align and how students can progress within a program.

The seminar will also discuss the role of curriculum mapping to:

  • help identify misalignment, inconsistencies, and unnecessary redundancies in content
  • help ensure students do not have a fragmented or incoherent learning experience at program and course levels
  • identify opportunities for integration and alignment within and across programs, especially important in double degrees
  • identify what students have learned, enabling faculty to build on appropriate levels of complexity of acquired knowledge, skills and their applications and behaviours as students' progress through the program to help structure student feedback

Professor Bob FoxAbout Bob Fox
Professor Bob Fox is Academic Lead, Curriculum, PVCE Portfolio, UNSW. His research into higher education learning and teaching focuses on blended, online and mobile learning; curriculum and learning design; learning environments; and technological practice and change.


Professor Gary VelanAbout Gary Velan
Professor Gary Velan is Senior Vice Dean (Education) in Medicine and a Scientia Education Fellow. Gary’s innovations include online formative assessments and the development of virtual microscopy adaptive tutorials. His research into medical education focuses on eLearning, assessment and feedback. 


Paul MacmullenAbout Paul Macmullen
Paul Macmullen is the Senior Learning & Teaching Advisor in the Education Portfolio, UNSW Business School and draws on 25 years’ experience in a range of educational design and curriculum development roles.



Dr Ray EatonAbout Ray Eaton
Dr Ray Eaton is Associate Dean (Education) in Engineering. Ray has 10 year’s experience in senior education leadership roles within the Faculty, has expertise in program design and accreditation, and a keen interest in educational technology, student engagement and digital assessment.

19th Nov 2018, 12:00pm to 1:00pm