Creating and using web-based virtual reality tools in undergraduate teaching

Presented by Dr Jill Newby, Senior Lecturer and NHMRC/MRFF Career Development Fellow, School of Psychology, Faculty of Science
Creating and using web-based virtual reality tools in undergraduate teaching

This presentation will showcase how web-based virtual reality (VR) tools were created and implemented in a large undergraduate psychology course (400 students), to give students a first-hand experience of exposure therapy to overcome phobias (a topic which is typically only taught by reading handouts or watching videos). In 2017, Jill coordinated a Students as Partners Project in collaboration with Carlos Dominguez and the VR development team (PVCE Education). The aim of the project was to develop a new method to make low-cost, DIY virtual reality tools using 360o cameras, that can be accessed via Moodle and viewed by students using their smartphone in a low-cost headset (<$20). In this presentation she will:

  • Explain how she worked with the VR team and Students as Partners to develop and test the VR tools
  • Provide practical advice and on how to develop VR using 360o cameras and a demonstration of the VR tools
  • Talk about lessons learnt from using VR in a large undergraduate course
  • Provide qualitative feedback from the students and the tutors about the VR activities.
  • Talk about how the technology may be applied to other courses.

Please bring your smartphone along to the session.

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About Jill Newby

Jill is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in the UNSW School of Psychology and Research Director of the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUfAD) at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Clinical Psychology, and specialises in the treatment of anxiety and depression in adults.

26th Mar 2018, 1:00pm to 2:00pm