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23 November 2017
Join Professor Sami Kara on an insightful journey through the fifteen years of his experience with the first-year engineering students and reflect on what's changed in terms of contextualising their learning to the disciplines and industries
23 November 2017
Facilitated by Dr Kar Ming Chong, Presented by Mrs Valerie Combe-Germes (School of Humanities and Languages)
13 November 2017
Presented by Kathryn Harrison-Graves, SFHEA, Head of Global Partnerships, Higher Education Academy
1 November 2017
Educational Excellence: Transforming Futures
31 October 2017
Information Sessions
Dr Cathy Sherry image
26 October 2017
Join one of our most committed educators, Dr Cathy Sherry, as she discusses the challenges of fostering good tertiary teaching
16 October 2017
Facilitated by Dr Alison Kuiper
25 September 2017
Presented by: Professor Bob Fox, Portfolio of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Education
18 September 2017
Preparing our graduates for success on a global scale