Experiences blending laboratory guidance for a large first-year course

Presented by Associate Professor Julien Epps, Deputy Head of School (Education) and Dr Vidhya Sethu, Lecturer, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, Faculty of Engineering
Experiences blending laboratory guidance for a large first-year course

Electronics laboratory work can be very resource-intensive to support, particularly for novice first-year students. This presentation focuses on a project to develop very high quality laboratory guidance video tutorials that can be richly integrated within both online and live laboratory environments for self-directed learning. Results from evaluations on a large first year class show that high quality video-based laboratory guidance materials are popular with students and can make an important additional contribution to laboratory learning by providing a new resource for self-directed learning and improving student-demonstrator interaction in class, particularly for students who are new to the laboratory environment. The presentation will share insights into how the materials were planned and produced jointly with students, some reflections on Mayer's principles of effective multimedia instruction, and comments on how the materials have been integrated into large courses.

Julien Epps photo Vidhya Sethu pictureAbout Julien Epps and Vidhya Sethu

Julien Epps and Vidhya Sethu are passionate educators with many years of experience teaching large, laboratory-intensive analytical and design courses in electrical engineering. Julien was recently named a Scientia Education Fellow of UNSW.

28th May 2018, 1:00pm to 2:00pm