Learning and Teaching Forum

Learning and Teaching Forum

Moving Feedback Forward: Innovation and Opportunity

The focus of the May 2014 Learning and Teaching forum was Moving Feedback Forward: Innovation and Opportunity and explored the relationship between technology-enhanced assessment and feedback practices, well supported learning experiences and student development.

The effective provision of feedback is a challenge faced by all Higher Education institutions. When working effectively feedback can, raise student awareness of the strength of their work, provide guidance on enhancing their work and develop their ability to judge the quality of their work.

Through presentations and posters the May 2014 forum showcased examples of how different groups and individulas throughout UNSW have attempted to address these challenges.


UNSW academics shared their assessment and feedback practices.

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  • Approaches to giving feedback          
    Dr Lyria Bennett Moses, Senior Lecturer and Thomas Molloy, Education Designer, Law
    Helping students navigate uncertain terrain: enabling complex feedback

    Dr Rudrajit Mitra, Senior Lecturer, School of Mining Engineering

    Improving approaches to feedback in a final year project-based course

  • Making the most of peer review in assessment and feedback
    Dr Daniel Schlagwein, Lecturer, School of Information Systems and Technology

    Students as reviewers and lecturers as editors: using a peer review model for student assignments

    Dr Sigi Jottkandt, Lecturer and Alicia Hiew, student, School of the Arts and Media

    It's great…but too vague: refining ideas through peer feedback

  • Exploring the feedback loop through formative and summative assessment 
    Dr Fiona Naumann, Senior Lecturer, Gary Velan, Associate Professor and Dr Nalini Pather, Senior Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences
    UNSW Medicine: Innovative approaches to feedback

    Medical Education Group, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Dr Chinthaka Balasooriya, Senior Lecturer

    Feedback: a multi-faceted diamond

More detailed information about the presentations is available here.



Program agenda available here.


Staff were invited to develop a visually appealing representation of their practices around feedback and assessment. The posters cover a spectrum of practices from the use of technology to improving efficiencies in providing feedback to the role of feedback in skill development.

Call for posters information here.

Posters Booklet 

Templates and guidelines are available here for presenters to use as a resource to help in the development of future posters.


Feedback: What are students experiencing at UNSW?