Moodle Media Collection - Create Collections and Galleries

Note: Before creating a collection please read about the different Collection modes available in S1 2015.

To create a media collection activity in Moodle:

  1. On the course home page, click Turn editing on .
  2. In the appropriate section, click Add an activity or resource, then, in the resulting pop-up, scroll down, select Media collection and click Add.

    Choose media collection activity
  3. On the Adding a new Media collection page, click Expand all, then in the General section:
    • Enter a Media collection name, and any Description text necessary.
    • Choose the Collection type.
    • Enter Tags to organise your collection.
    • Choose the Maximum items [that can be added] per gallery.
    • Choose the Maximum number of galleries [within the collection that can be created] per user/group.

      A media collection can be made up of several smaller galleries. If you are setting up the collection as an assignment, it is best to only allow 1 gallery per user/group.

      If you are setting up a collection for only instructors to use, set this to 0.
    • Also select whether you will allow students to comment on or like each others' contributions.

      Add a media collection form
  4. In the Display list section, select how you want the collection thumbnails arranged, and whether and where you want captions to display with each item.

    Display settings
  5. In the Gallery defaults section:
    • Select the default Gallery focus. This option allows you to define what types of media are displayed by default.  Users will have a dropdown to change gallery focus when viewing a gallery. 
    • At Gallery view options, select what view mode (Carousel and/or Grid) are available when creating a gallery.  If you select Grid view, specify how many Columns and Rows you want the grid to contain.
    • Select whether you want to Enforce gallery defaults.

      Gallery defaults
  6. In the Availability section, if you wish, Enable the date fields and specify a period in which students can only view the gallery without contributing to it for contributable collection types. (To set access dates for the media collection activity, complete the Restrict access section.)
  7. Complete the remaining sections of the page as desired (note the extra steps for group submissions below), then click Save and display.
  8. On the collection's home page, if you wish to create galleries within this collection, click Add a gallery.

    Click add a gallery link
  9. On the resulting page:
    • Click Expand all.
    • In the General section:
      • Enter a Gallery name.
      • Choose a Gallery mode.
      • Choose whether you want to make the gallery Contributable.
        • If enabled, choose the Maximum items [that can be added] per user.
      • Enter tags to organise your gallery.
    • Make selections regarding this individual Gallery display (Carousel or Grid) and Visibility (to instructors and to others), and click Save changes.

      Add a gallery form
  10. Return to the collection's home page and repeat steps 8 to 9 until you have created all the sub-galleries you want.