Connections Seminar: The power of experiential learning to anchor critical learning outcomes

Presented by Associate Professor George Shinkle, AGSM Fellow, School of Management, UNSW Business School
Connections Seminar: The power of experiential learning to anchor critical learning outcomes

The disruption and unpredictability of today’s business environment make the situational awareness of top managers critical to organizational success. Yet, many managers are cognitively focussed, and exhibit limited situational awareness of the broad environment. This narrow focus is also frequently observed in our Executive-MBA students.

In teaching business, we typically use role-play simulations to address complex and dynamic decision-making contexts. Yet, these do not fully capture the personal and business conditions – and they are easy to forget once the class is over. In the Executive-MBA program, we have applied the power of experiential learning – using a physical flight simulator and Virtual Reality technology – to more strongly embed knowledge. This seminar will explain our journey, our current approaches, our current results, and our ideas for the future. The intent is to stimulate wider thinking and discussion on memorable experiential learning to anchor critical learning outcomes.

About George

Associate Professor George ShinkleGeorge is an Associate Professor and AGSM Fellow at UNSW following lengthy business and consulting careers. As a strategic management scholar, his research investigates strategic goal setting, innovation, strategy, and organisational control - particularly in turbulent environments. George has dedicated much of his international business and academic career to understanding and analysing the strategic management and performance of organisations. George publishes in top tier journals and has been recognised for outstanding facilitation and teaching innovation.

18th Mar 2019, 12:30pm to 1:30pm

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