Stories from the Flipped Trenches (CoP) - Achieving 100% flipping in large advanced analytical courses

Presented by Dr Jayashri Ravishankar, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, Faculty of Engineering

The CoP welcomes back Dr Jayashri Ravishankar from the School of Electrical Engineering. She was one of the early presenters who kick started the CoP’s “Stories from the Flipped Trenches” series in August 2016. Then, she introduced a partial flip approach for a course in 2014 and made changes to the course based on students’ feedback. Results show improvements in students’ academic achievements and their engagement in the course.

Jayashri’s forthcoming presentation focuses on her goal to go beyond partial flipping of the above-mentioned course. In 2017, she converted her course to online resources using the OpenLearning platform (OLP). Jayashri will describe how she managed to convert this course to 100% flipped delivery while ensuring student engagement improves in a large group of 245 students. Come along and find out!

Jayashri will be ably assisted by her four students (a record to date!) in this presentation.

The “Stories from the Flipped Trenches” series have only one presentation per meeting to allow members more time for comments and questions, and for the presenters to describe their practices in more detail. In addition, for the first time, this session will be Live Streamed and Lecture Recorded and will be hosted on the CoP Flipped Moodle course page.

18th Jul 2018, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

The presentation can be found via the CoP Flipped Moodle course page (self-enrolment key is flippers or login using your own details).