Survey Approvals

Survey Approval Form


Applicants submit the completed form with details of the purpose of the survey, target population, survey design and intended commencement date to


UNSW Student Survey Approval Form


Survey Approvals Process

Proposals will be considered by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education & Student Experience). 

The applicant must be able to demonstrate a strategic need to capture the data, and confirm that relevant data is not available from other survey data already captured. 

Surveys must not overlap with institutional surveys (QILT or myExperience).

Specific information to be submitted includes:

  • Description and rationale.
  • Survey population and demographic information.
  • Survey method.
  • Method of population sampling.
  • Data collection and data storage methods.
  • A copy of the survey instrument.
  • Proposed survey period (commencement and closing dates).
  • Appropriate procedures and contacts in the event of any complaint or other correspondence by respondents.

Applications for permission to survey students must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the commencement of a survey's fieldwork. This timing allows for scheduling clearance and appropriate access to population databases. Applications will be processed within ten working days of being received and are approved in the order they are received.

Surveys will be approved based on:

  • The strategic need of the survey.
  • Quality and completeness of the application.
  • Potential conflicts with other surveys during the proposed survey period; and
  • The potential impact of proposed communications.


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