Connections: Teaching Practices to Support Students' Motivation and Engagement

Presented by Dr Rebecca Collie
Connections: Teaching Practices to Support Students' Motivation and Engagement

Scientia Education Experience: Inspired learning through inspired teaching

Motivation and engagement are essential for students’ academic growth and achievement, and for ensuring that students get the most out of their education. Knowing this, what can instructors do to help students be fully motivated and engaged in their learning?

Although there are different factors that have a part to play in answering this question, in this talk I will discuss the important role of teaching practices and how these are a valuable avenue for boosting students’ motivation and engagement. I will briefly introduce important conceptualising in the area. Following this, I will discuss research, including my own, that has identified evidence-based teaching practices and their links with students’ positive academic outcomes. I will dedicate the final part of the talk to outlining teaching practices that university instructors can implement in their own teaching to promote motivation and engagement among learners.

This presentation aligns with the following UNSW Communities of Practice 'Course Design and Development'. More information can be found here.

About Dr Rebecca Collie

Image of Rebecca CollieRebecca is a DECRA and Scientia Fellow in Educational Psychology in the School of Education at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Rebecca conducts research in the broad areas of motivation, wellbeing, and social-emotional development using quantitative research methods. She examines antecedents and outcomes of these different factors among both students and teachers in school and post-school settings, and develops conceptual models relevant to both students and teachers.


25th Mar 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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