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Moodle Training and Support

Moodle Orientation Workshops

Thursday 23rd  February 2-4pm; Goodsell LG29 - Register here

Tuesday 28th February 11-1pm; Goodsell LG29 - Register here

This introductory session is aimed at those who have little or no experience with the Moodle Learning Management System. Participants will be shown around the Moodle interface, introduced briefly to Moodle Activities and Resources, including communication options, and practice uploading files to Moodle. There will be opportunities to ask questions about your own course needs.

The workshop is intended for course instructors and tutors who will have a teaching role in Moodle – that is, will be building courses, uploading resources, and managing activities. A limited number of laptops will be available for the workshop, or you can bring your own device.

Workshop participation has some pre-requisites to ensure that teaching and activities can proceed smoothly.  Please see the pre-workshop requirements below:

●     Have previously logged-in to Moodle using your zID (

●     Enrol in and explore the Discover Moodle online course ( Enrolment key: Discover_Moodle). Knowledge of the content of this course will greatly aid you during the workshop, particularly the first four sections up to Communication.

Book a consultation

You can book a one-on-one session to discuss a specific question or upcoming project.

Submit details of your question and availability at book a consultation

Online Courses and Resources

Here is a range of online courses and resources that may meet your current learning needs. More online tutorials on Moodle topics will be released shortly, please check here for new topics.

  • Discover Moodle
    This self-paced course will help you to familiarise yourself with the Moodle interface and tools. Enrolment key is Discover_Moodle

  • Self-paced Moodle tutorials, Resources and monthly webinars
    These self-paced Moodle tutorials and Resource sites contain resources and examples of activities - see the course description for an enrolment key.

  • Teaching online
    An online self-paced program (developed by the Epigeum group). Enrolment key is Epig_Stud

  • mediaUcreate
    An online Moodle site designed to assist staff in developing educational media (self enrolment key, all lowercase: unsw)

Technical support