UNFED Meeting

Hosted by Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education)
UNFED Meeting

The first UNFED meeting for 2019 was hosted by the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) on Wednesday 27 February from 12pm – 1.30pm.

Representatives within the portfolio spoke around their focus for 2019 – what they will be supporting and how this will affect you and your faculty.

This seminar was livestreamed and recorded using Lecture Recordings+. The livestream and recording can be accessed via theBox: https://thebox.unsw.edu.au/video/unfed-lead-by-pvce-27-feb-2019

Time Presentation
12pm - 12.05pm

Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country

Catherine Ryan

12.05pm - 12.15pm

Curriculum mapping/design and highlights of the new Program Design Procedure

Professor Bob Fox

12.15pm - 12.25pm

Academic Development Services team

Associate Professor Marina Harvey and Christa Jacenyik-Trawoger

12.25pm - 12.35pm

Student Academic and Career Success (SACS) team

Dr Megan Kek (and team)

12.35pm - 12.45pm

UNSW Online

Liz Smith (and team)

12.45pm - 12.55pm

Digital Assessment

Professor Phil Jones and Mathew Hillier

12.55pm - 1.05pm

EF Focussed Academic Career Support

Associate Professor Louise Lutze-Mann and Collins Fleischner

1.05pm - 1.15pm

Digital Uplift

Dr Danni Maguire and Krish Sivanathan

1.15pm - 1.25pm

Educational Technology Services and Learning Environments

Dinesh Paikeday

1.25pm - 1.30pm



27th Feb 2019, 12:00pm to 1:30pm