UNSW Lecture Recordings - Venues

Lectures are recorded across the three campuses (Kensington, Canberra and Paddington) in a variety of CATS and non-CATS venues. This page lists lecture recording enabled venues.

All scheduled recordings in Echo 360 enabled rooms will begin at 5 minutes past the hour and conclude at 5 minutes before the hour.
Recording in Week 0 and 13
Please note the information here regarding recording in Week 0 and Week 13.

Current UNSW Lecture Recordings enabled venues

Building Name Room Name
K-B16 Colombo K-B16-LG03 Theatre A
K-B16 Colombo K-B16-LG04 Theatre B
K-B16 Colombo K-B16-LG05 Theatre C
K-C24 Sir John Clancy Auditorium K-C24-G17 Clancy Aud
K-D23 Mathew Theatres Mat 102 K-F23-102
K-D23 Mathew Theatres Mat 227 K-F23-227
K-D23 Mathew Theatres Mat 228 K-F23-228
K-D23 Mathew Theatres Mat 310 K-F23-310
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-201 MathewsThA
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-203 MathewsThB
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-303 MathewsThC
K-D23 Mathew Theatres K-D23-304 MathewsThD
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-105 Bus 105
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-115 Bus 115
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-119 Bus 119
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-130 Bus 130
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-205 Bus 205
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-216 Bus 216
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-220 Bus 220
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-232 Bus 232
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-232 Bus G21
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-232 Bus G23
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-232 Bus G24
K-E12 UNSW Business School K-E12-232 Bus G26
K-E15 Quadrangle Building K-E15-1027 Macauley Th
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-103 CLB 6
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-104 CLB 7
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-105 CLB 8
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G02 CLB 1
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G03 CLB 2
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G04 CLB 3
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G05 CLB 4
K-E19 Central Lecture Block K-E19-G06 CLB 5
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M18 ChemSc M18
K-F17 Rex Vowels Theatre K-F17-LG3 Rex Vowels
K-F8 Law Building K-F8-G02 Law Th G02
K-F8 Law Building K-F8-G04 Law Th G04
K-F8 Law Building K-F8-G23 Law Th G23
K-F25 Samuels K-F25-241 Samuels 241
K-G27 AGSM K-G27-G04 PioneerTh
K-H22 Vallentine Annexe K-H22-121 Vallentine Annexe 121
K-C27 Wallace Wurth Building K-C27-LG02 WurthLG02
K-C27 Wallace Wurth Building K-C27-LG03 WurthLG03
K-G14 Webster Building K-G14-127 NSGlob Th
K-G14 Webster Building K-G14-327 Webster 327
K-G14 Webster Building K-G14-G17 Webster G17
K-G15 Webster Theatres K-G15-190 Webst ThA
K-G15 Webster Theatres K-G15-290 Webst ThB
K-G17 Electrical Engineering Bld K-G17-G20A
K-G17 Electrical Engineering Bld K-G17-G24 ElecEngG24
K-G17 Electrical Engineering Bld K-G17-G25
K-G19 The Scientia K-G19-LG02 Ritchie Th
K-H6 Tyree Energy Technology  TETB G16 K-H6-G16
K-H13 The Red Centre K-H13-G001 RC Theatre
K-H20 Civil Engineering Building K-H20-101 CivEng 101
K-H20 Civil Engineering Building K-H20-109 CivEng 109
K-H20 Civil Engineering Building K-H20-G1 CivEng G1
K-J14 Keith Burrows Theatre K-J14-G5 Burrows Th
K-J17 Ainsworth Building  Ainswth102 K-J17-102
K-J17 Ainsworth Building Ainswth202 K-J17-202 
K-J17 Ainsworth Building AinswthG02 K-J17-G02
K-J17 Ainsworth Building AinswthG03 K-J17-G03
K-K14 Physics Theatre K-K14-19 PhysicsTh
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-149 OMB 149
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-150 OMB 150
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-151 OMB 151
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-229 OMB 229
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-230 OMB 230
K-K15 Old Main Building K-K15-G31 OMB G31
K-M15 Rupert Myers Building K-M15-1001 Myers Thtr
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M10 ChemSc M10
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M11 ChemSc M11
K-F10 Chemical Sciences K-F10-M17 ChemSc M17
K-F13 Science Theatre K-F13-G09 Science Th
Building Name Room Name
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 Lec Sth 01 : Z-30-LT01
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 Lec Sth 02 : Z-30-LT02
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 LecThS04 Z-30-LT04
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 LecThS05 Z-30-LT05
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 Sem 01 Z-30-SR01
ADFA Bldg 30 LTS Z-30H8 Sem 02 Z-30-SR02
ADFA Bldg 15 SEIT Z-15H7 CompSc 152 Z-15-152
ADFA Bldg 15 SEIT Z-15H7 CompSc 154 Z-15-154
ADFA Bldg 20 SEIT Z-20F8 B20, R109 Z-20-PC
ADFA Bldg 20 SEIT Z-20F8 B20,R123 Z-20-123
ADFA Building 21 Z-21F8 PEMS SL1 Z-21-379
ADFA Bldg 26 PEMS Z-26H9 PEMS P25 Z-26-G03
ADFA Bldg 26 PEMS Z-26H9 PEMS G23 : Z-26-G23
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 06 : Z-32-LT06
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 07 : Z-32-LT07
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 08 : Z-32-LT08
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 09 : Z-32-LT09
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 10 : Z-32-LT10
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 11 : Z-32-LT11
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Lec Nth 12 : Z-32-LT12
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Sem 03 : Z-32-SR03
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Sem 04 : Z-32-SR04
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Sem 05 : Z-32-SR05
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Sem 06 : Z-32-SR06
ADFA Bldg 32 LTN Z-32GB Sem 07 : Z-32-SR07
Military Theatrette - Z-3J7 Military Th : Z-03-MTH
Building Name Room Name