Understanding UNSW CATEI - Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement

Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement (CATEI)

UNSW is committed to continued improvement in the quality of teaching, courses and programs. The Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement (CATEI) process is a key component of university policy in this area.

As part of this commitment, UNSW teaching staff are expected to undertake course and teaching evaluations on a regular basis. The frequency of CATEI evaluations may vary between Schools and Faculties.  

Staff may also include a reflection on CATEI results as evidence of the development of their teaching when compiling a teaching case for academic promotion, grants, and awards.

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Contacts and further information on CATEI

Who is my first point of contact for enquiries about the CATEI process?
Direct your enquiries to the CATEI coordinator in your School or Faculty, or your School Manager. If there is no designated CATEI coordinator in your School, your Faculty may have a Faculty CATEI coordinator available.

Direct queries about data or technical issues with your CATEI reports to Business Reporting, Intelligence, & Data Governance (BRIDG) Unit at BRIDG CATEI catei@unsw.edu.au

What role does the Learning and Teaching Unit play in the CATEI process?
While CATEI is coordinated through BRIDG, the Learning and Teaching Unit performs three main roles in the CATEI process:

  • Assist Schools and Faculties with interpreting CATEI data
  • Offer strategies to adopt a response to student feedback
  • Provide additional resources and references to complement the CATEI process.

If you have any questions about improving your courses and teaching based on your CATEI results which have not been answered by the materials provided on the Teaching Gateway, please submit an enquiry.