The myExperience Learning and Teaching Survey

The first priority in the 2025 Strategy for UNSW is a drive for academic excellence in research and education. One of the ways of determining how well we are progressing towards this goal is by listening to our own students. 
myExperience, the online student survey which replaced the Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement (CATEI), aims to boost student feedback and to create a culture of continuous improvement by identifying, and responding to and acting on student feedback. This new survey, which was made available in October 2016 and fully implemented across UNSW in Semester one 2017, has improved the user experience for both students and staff. 
The myExperience Survey Procedure specifies the processes and responsibilities for the establishment and conduct of myExperience and the reporting of survey outcomes.
The Survey Schedule details the key dates for survey periods across each academic year and is published on the Student Surveys website pages each semester.
A course is surveyed each time it is offered.  Schools and academic units decide which teaching staff are surveyed.  myExperience identifies teachers in the survey by distinguishing them by name and includes a teacher photographs against each name to assist students in identifying their teachers.
The survey contains a set of standard questions on the student’s overall experience with the course, teaching, and individual teachers.  The survey may also include and optional questions selected from the Survey Question Data Bank by teachers and/or course convenors. 

myExperience reports are produced for each survey and are available at the end of of teaching period after student results have been finalised and released.


The Survey Process

Completion of myExperience by students is voluntary. They can complete the survey using their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Students have 24/7 access to the survey during the evaluation period which is approximately two and a half weeks at the end of each semester. The survey closes before exams begin. This timing means that students have experienced the majority of course activities, but avoids the influence or perceived influence of any exams on feedback (or vice-versa). Past practice has also shown that it is very difficult to engage students with additional activities over the exam period and after.

On the first day of the evaluation period, students will receive an email to their UNSW email account with a personalised web-link to their surveys. This page will contain surveys for each course in which they are enrolled. If students do not complete all surveys they will receive an email reminder and follow up email while the evaluation period is open. 
Students can also follow the web-link to their surveys from a link in each Moodle course that is available for the duration of the evaluation period. 
The myExperience survey interface is simple and intuitive for students to use. They will be presented with one page of course questions and one page of teacher questions for each of their courses. 

Each school/academic unit has a myExperience Survey Administrator who can assist you with general enquiries. If you have a specific query about the survey or survey reports please contact the Student Surveys Team at