myExperience Survey Schedule

We aim to have a unified survey schedule for all courses on the standard UNSW Academic Calendar. Other calendars have a survey schedule which meets the needs of their teaching periods.

Using a unified survey schedule has the following benefits:

  • Survey data is finalised after census date to ensure the correct students, instructors and courses are surveyed;
  • The survey is opened to students after they have completed the majority of the given course, so responses are based on their experience across the semester;
  • Schools and instructors can coordinate survey promotion efforts to increase response rates;
  • Students and instructors only need to access the survey dashboard once every semester; and
  • The number of invitations to the survey for both students and instructors is minimised.

All timetabled courses are surveyed each teaching period as specified in the Survey Schedule. 

Courses that are taught over more than one teaching period will be surveyed in the final teaching period.

myExperience Survey Schedule T2 2017


Standard Academic Calendar

UG Medicine AGSM



Data Preparation Period:

Survey Administrators check course and instructor data which is downloaded from SiMs


8th September


27th September


4th August to     10th August


9th October to    12th October

24th July


28th July


Adding Additional Course/Teacher Question:

Teaching Staff and Course Convenors/Lecturers-in-Charge can add an additional question to the Survey from the Survey Question Bank


2nd October


6th October


14th August to   20th August


20th October to  16th October





Evaluation Period:

Survey is open to students during this period


9th October


2nd November


14th August to   20th August


23 October to       9th November

7th to 31st August 


7th to 20th August

Reports Released

7th December

25th September

Earliest 18th September

Latest 2nd October


Closing the Loop begins:

Teaching staff review their reports and prepare feedback to students on survey results

After reports are released and prior to commencement of next teaching period      

If you have any queries about the survey schedule, please contact the Student Surveys Team at