In-Class Process

Conducting the Survey in Class

The myExperience Survey Procedure states that provision should be made for the myExperience survey to be conducted within lectures or tutorials on the students’ mobile, tablet or laptop. 

We recommend administering the survey mid-way through your class, when most students are in attendance, to achieve the best response rate. 

Use this PowerPoint slide (PPTX, 70k) during the class or tell your students:

  • This is your chance to tell us about your experience of learning and teaching at UNSW.
  • The survey is confidential and teaching staff do not know their identity.
  • Survey reports are not released until rsults have been officially published - their feedback can not have an impact on their results.
  • Their feedback matters - the only way we can improve what we do - or to keep doing the good things we do - is by knowing what they think.

They can log-in on their laptop, tablet or phone and then:

Leave the room while students complete the survey.

Students can get more information about myExperience on this page.
This short video can be played during class to promote the survey.

Students can also complete their surveys when and where they want, to by accessing their personalised web link. 

The myExperience Team can be contacted at