UNSW Student Surveys Project

As stated in our 2025 Strategy: By 2025, UNSW will be Australia’s global university and a leading research-intensive and teaching-intensive university. One of the best ways of determining how well we are progressing towards this goal is by listening to our own students.

Bringing together colleagues from across the University, the Student Surveys project aims to boost student feedback and create a culture of continuous improvement. To achieve this goal, a new digital survey tool, eXplorance Blue, is being introduced and the Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement (CATEI) will be the first survey piloted on eXplorance Blue. This revitalised CATEI survey will be called myExperience

Why are we doing this?

UNSW students currently receive a multitude of institution-wide surveys, both digital and hard copy, from across the University. Response rates are mixed, raising concerns over the validity of the data.

Our aim is to improve the quality of ongoing and structured insights from our students during their study with us. This will help us measure student engagement at UNSW. The Student Surveys project and new tool, eXplorance Blue, will:

  • Consistently and effectively collect data and leverage this to enhance educational quality and the student experience
  • Improve the user experience for both students and staff
  • Identify, respond to and act on ideas and themes emerging from feedback
  • Improve survey response rates 
  • Effectively administer user-friendly, consistent surveys at the end of each course
  • Identify excellent survey practice and consistently apply this practice across the institution
  • Deliver valuable information to students about why we gather and store data and how we act on their input

What are the aims of the project?

  1. To implement a robust survey platform for institution-wide surveys
  2. To develop a clear procedure around collection, analysis and storage of data, and refine the questions we ask students
  3. To improve the culture of student feedback by acting on responses to achieve continuous improvement

UNSW Student Surveys Project Governance

Project Reference Group

A project reference group has been established to ensure the success of the Student Surveys project. The group meet every five weeks and provide input and guidance to the project.

Project Sponsor

Professor Merlin Crossley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education

Project Reference Group

  • Rachel Abel, General Manager, DVCE - Chair
  • Martina Lavin, Executive Officer, Campus Life and Community Engagement
  • Sandy Kinch, Policy Manager, DVCE
  • Mark King, Director of Educational Delivery Services, PVCE
  • Sonia Powell, Deputy Director, BRIDG
  • Tom Davey, Student representative
  • Veronika Roth, Student Life and Learning
  • Melissa Roughley, General Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Chris Tisdell, Associate Dean (Education), Science
  • Annie Thompson, Project Officer, DVCE
  • Lorenzo Vigentini, Academic Developer, PVCE
  • David Waters, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Project Management

The project is being supported from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education. The project team includes representatives from the Office of the DVCE, BRIDG and the IT Project Management Office. The Project Manager is Rachel Abel, General Manager, Office of the DVC Education.