Curriculum Design and Mapping

As a central task of curriculum design and mapping, we align learning outcomes with teaching and assessment strategies. This ensures that graduates from any course or program achieve the stated aims and objectives. Although you can map individual courses, it is most useful if you consider and conduct course design and mapping as part of a program review and revision process.


When you analyse a completed curriculum map, you will see gaps where attributes could be embedded, and you'll also notice areas of over-concentration, where one aspect of the course is responsible for developing several attributes

Once you have mapped individual courses, you can collate the results and map the desired skills, knowledge and/or attributes across the entire program. Not every course can be expected to develop skills, knowledge and graduate attributes.

As one important outcome of this review process, you might revise course and program outlines so that they include clear statements of the graduate attributes each course or program is to develop.

Developing Graduate Capabilities

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