Teaching Diverse Groups

Our student population is diverse across many dimensions including gender, race, age, ability, sexual orientation, cultural background and socio-economic status.

Our students have diverse expectations and experience, too. (See 'Who Are My Learners?')

Our International Students from 130 countries make up nearly a quarter of our students. We also have a very diverse staff population.

This diversity brings an enormous richness to campus life and to our classrooms.

Our commitment to diversity

UNSW is committed to ensuring we recognise, respect and respond appropriately to this diversity, so as to give all our students a positive and inclusive learning experience. We express this commitment in both our Aspirations for Learning and Teaching and our Strategic Goals and Priorities for Learning and Teaching.

As well, we seek to provide our students with an education that will ensure they graduate as scholars who are "global citizens", as expressed in our Graduate Capabilities.


Staff can find a range of support and resources as they develop their inclusive teaching approach and practice.

Other UNSW centres supporting diversity