Diversity Toolkit

The Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Practice (CDIP) toolkit has been obtained under licence from Flinders University The materials have been redeveloped for use by UNSW staff and students.

This toolkit is designed to support and monitor your own practices and identify areas of strength and areas for development. It is not a prescriptive, fixed set of practices, but a tool that you can use for self-reflection, or with small groups to facilitate discussions about:

  • reflecting on current practice
  • obtaining colleague/student feedback
  • planning
  • review and evaluation.

General information folios

Part 1: Culturally Inclusive Environment
Sets out the UNSW Guidelines on Learning in relation to cultural diversity; and outlines the parameters of a culturally inclusive environment.

Part 2: Culturally Inclusive Practice
Provides practical tips to enhance culturally inclusive practice in the areas of communication, environment and expectations.

Part 3: Appropriate Terminology, Indigenous Australian People
Clarifies appropriate language use for the history, society, naming, culture and classifications of Indigenous Australian and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Theory into practice strategies

Part 4: Designing Culturally Inclusive Environments
Outlines strategies for designing a culturally inclusive teaching and learning environment, and provides questions you can use as a framework for developing a checklist for reviewing teaching practice.

Part 5: Inclusive Practices for Managing Controversial Issues
Outlines a range of strategies for managing controversial issues.

Part 6: Teaching and Learning: Small Groups
Provides background to the issues relating to small group teaching and outlines strategies for effective inclusive small group teaching.