About the Assessment Toolkit

Principles of Assessment

The UNSW Beliefs About Learning hold as true for assessment as they do for learning when seen through the lens of ASSESSMENT AS LEARNING. That is, assessment should be engaging, active, situated and authentic, build connections, be guided by clear expectations and academic standards, be challenging and supported, and be inclusive of diversity. These broad beliefs about assessment as learning are also supported by a set of Guidelines on Learning. Together, they provide the touchstone for the resources you will find in the Toolkit.

Purpose and Objectives

Resources in the Assessment Toolkit are being designed to focus on providing practical guidance and strategies for staff to use in undertaking assessment, and to share good practices in the University.  They will be published as works in progress, inviting feedback and contributions from UNSW staff.  The topics in the collection will develop in response to needs identified by those involved in assessment at multiple levels. We invite you to Engage with the ongoing development of the Assessment Toolkit collection.

This a collection of practical resources for staff which aims:

  • 1) To provide a collection of easily accessible and practical resources supporting staff in their work of assessing student learning;
  • 2) To raise common issues and problems faced by staff in assessment, providing clear and concise explanations and practical strategies for how to address them, and helping them to translate emerging policies into practice;
  • 3) To develop, extend and amplify staff capabilities in assessment, supporting the elevation of assessment literacy at individual, departmental and institutional levels;
  • 4) To engage staff in extending their own repertoires of assessment practices;
  • 5) To facilitate the sharing of good practices across the University;
  • 6) To promote the University's commitment to quality assessment practices;
  • 7) To provide a vehicle for assessment leaders and innovators to contribute accounts of effective practices;
  • 8) To provide a collection of assessment-related resources to complement and support staff development initiatives in learning and teaching.


The Toolkit builds on resources developed by the Macquarie University Learning & Teaching Centre for its Assessment Toolkit, and draws from experience and expertise within UNSW faculties and learning and teaching support units.