Assessing by Portfolio


At its simplest, a portfolio, whether in hard copy or digital form, is a collection of artefacts with a coherent structure and a guide to that structure, such as a contents page. As a learning and assessment tool, a portfolio will normally comprise more than just the artefacts themselves and will include a reflective dimension. The learning-tool portfolio is where a learner:

  • reflects on what they have learned
  • encapsulates key aspects of their learning, based on their successes and failures as evidenced by the artefacts
  • proposes their future plans for learning.

A portfolio can be seen as both a product and a process.

  • As a product, it holds the work records and documents a learner has produced during a course or program, and represents an edited collection of their learning achievements.
  • As a process-oriented tool, it enables learners to monitor their own learning systematically, reflect on their learning performance, present a coherent account of their achievements and obtain feedback on their learning.

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