Selecting Assessment Technologies


Integrate digital devices into your assessment plan only if adding them improves the quality of the student learning experience. Improving assessment management should be only a secondary consideration.

Bringing technology to assessment processes can:

  • allow students to submit assignments online
  • enhance students' assessment-as-learning experiences
  • give students more ways to learn and to demonstrate their learning
  • help staff reconsider learning and teaching approaches
  • help staff assess in innovative ways
  • help staff give timely and more comprehensive feedback, and
  • make it easier to manage large volumes of marking and administration.

Often if you improve assessment management using technologies, you also benefit students educationally. For example, setting online multiple-choice quizzes with automated marking and feedback can reduce staff marking loads and give students immediate feedback on their learning performance.

Plan carefully, and manage assessment-by-technology to ensure that it enhances learning. Check also that it doesn't disadvantage students, especially students with a disability. Be strategic about the integration, so that staff workloads remain sustainable and the university continues to comply with statutory and legislative frameworks.

Video Series - Assessing with Technologies

Dr Carol Russell discusses some strategies, benefits and challenges for assessing with technologies, and Tam Nguyen (Faculty of the Built Environment) talks about using online portfolio tools.



Case studies

Video Series - Strategies, benefits and challenges for assessing with technologies

In this collection of videos, Dr Carol Russell discusses some strategies, benefits and challenges for assessing with technologies.


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