Maple TA

Maple TA example


Maple TA is a web-based platform for creating assessments in courses that require mathematics and statistics. This package support complex, free-form entries of mathematical equations and intelligent solvers for marking tests and assignments.

While Maple TA is simple to use, advanced users can edit the underlying HTML elements of a question to modify its appearance and behaviour.

Getting started

To get started, please visit an exemplar by Dr Chi Mak, Assessment using Maple TA.


Assessments using Maple TA

Dr Chi Mak

Maple TA is an online web-based test system used by most of the first year courses and many higher year courses offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Dr Chi Mak uses Maple TA for both formative and summative assessments. For formative assessments and low-stakes summative assessments, students can work anywhere on their own device. We also run supervised Maple TA tests in our computer laboratories under supervision.

The following screencast shows some question types in Maple TA. 

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