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Connect is an easy-to-use digital learning platform filled with quality content and learning resources. Incorporating tools for adaptive, personalised learning and assessment, Connect empowers students to achieve better outcomes and helps to save educators’ time.

Some benefits McGraw-Hill Connect brings to classrooms:

Personalised & Adaptive Learning

  • Connect is available with SmartBook, an adaptive learning tool that prompts readers with questions as they study, and by assessing individual answers, it learns what a student knows and where they are struggling, highlighting topics that require a deeper understanding.
  • This adaptive technology creates a personalised learning path and helps to ensure concept mastery.

High-quality, flexible course material & assessment tools

  • Select from a comprehensive library of engaging course materials and assessment tools, including multiple-choice test questions, short-answer activities, and more, and choose how you’d like to integrate them, i.e. for homework, practice, quizzes or exams.
  • Create your own customised questions or choose from a bank of questions that meet the learning objectives of your course.

Analytics & reporting

  • Real-time performance tracking is available for students and instructors to enable timely performance management, allowing students to monitor their progress and improve preparedness for exams, while providing you with actionable insights so you can provide additional support when required.
  • Automatic grading of assessment questions saves time and ensures consistency.

Mobile Access

  • Connect is available anytime, anywhere, and with the ReadAnywhere mobile app students have the flexibility to study offline.


Test Builder in Connect

Test Builder in ConnectTest Builder enables instructors to format tests that can be printed or administered within a Learning Management System. Test Builder offers a modern, streamlined interface for easy content configuration that matches course needs.

Test Builder allows you to:

  • Access all test bank content from a particular title.
  • Easily pinpoint the most relevant content through robust filtering options.
  • Manipulate the order of questions or scramble questions and/or answers.
  • Pin questions to a specific location within a test.
  • Determine your preferred treatment of algorithmic questions.
  • Add instructions and configure default settings.

Test Builder provides a secure interface for better protection of content and allows for just-in-time updates to flow directly into assessments.

Getting started

Please get in touch with Neal Zhang, McGraw-Hill education consultant servicing UNSW, to get started and pricing.


For demos, please get in touch with Neal Zhang, McGraw-Hill education consultant servicing UNSW.

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