Moodle Releases

Moodle Release - September 2017 Client Release 10


  • UNSW3-236 local_educationaldesign: Ensure get_blocks w/s returns course visible blocks
    Affects System - Update to API to only return course specific blocks.
  • UNSW3-237 local_educationaldesign: Ensure gradebook is setup before creating activities
    Affects System - Update to API to ensure gradebook is setup prior to creating activities.


  • UNSW3-226 teameval: Teameval efficiency #2
    Affects Staff/Students - Improvements to TeamEval efficiency.
  • UNSW3-165 mod_workshep: Put ungrouped users in their own category
    Affects Staff - Updates to submit on behalf dropdown to identify students who are not part of a group.
  • UNSW3-217 theme_pvce: Updates to theme
    Affects Staff/Students - Improvements to the UNSW Sydney theme.
  • UNSW3-219 mod_readingame: Apply BASE-2392: Fix quiz alignment issues
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an alignment issue in the Reading Game activity.
  • UNSW3-220 mod_mediagallery: Change Youtube video position due to overlapping with top bar
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an issue where the YouTube video was being cut off when viewed in the Media Collection activity.
  • UNSW3-221 block_inactiveuseralert: Alert should only go to that group of users
    Affects Staff/Students - Updates the Inactive Users block so that when an alert is setup for a group activity, email alerts are only sent to group members.
  • UNSW3-223 Apply BASE-2413: mod_turnitintooltwo: Update to v2017070301
    Affects Staff/Students - Updates the Turnitin plugin to version v2017070301.
  • UNSW3-227 mod_workshep: Workshep submit on behalf of fixes #1
    Affects Staff/Students - Behind the scenes updates to the UNSW Workshop activity submit on behalf of feature.
  • UNSW3-228 teameval: Fix likert preview display issue #3
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes a display issue when using likert scale in the TeamEvaluation tool.
  • UNSW3-230 local_educationaldesign: Ensure activity grading is updated
    Affects System - Updates to API to ensure activity grading is updated.
  • UNSW3-231 Apply BASE-2412: qtype_stack: Upgrade to v2017060600
    Affects Staff/Students - Updates the Stack question type plugin to version v2017060600.
  • UNSW3-238 Merge latest HOSTED branch
    Affects System - applies system and security patches.


  • UNSW3-232 qtype_stack: Update configuration for M3.1 for new Stack plugin
    Affects System - applies configuration updates for the new Stack question plugin.

Moodle Release - August 2017 Client Release 9 (Emergency)


  • UNSW3-218 - core_course_update_courses create sections after update numsections
    Affects Staff/Students - Ensures the sections in a course get created after the number of sections is updated. Otherwise, the sections are not created until the course is viewed in a browser.

Moodle Release - August 2017 Client Release 8


  • UNSW3-188 - repository_thebox: Fix description display when creating media collection
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an issue where description is not displaying  on first load of a media collection.
  • UNSW3-195 - auth_cas: Fix authentication issue for CAS accounts using Android Browsers
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an issue where users could not log into Moodle via web browser on Android devices.
  • UNSW3-211 - mod_mediagallery: Fix YouTube gallery mode mixed content issue
    Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an issue where YouTube videos wouldn't display in the Media Collection activity since URLs to videos were not secure. Links to videos have now been updated to use HTTPS (secure link).
  • UNSW3-216 - Apply BASE-2395: core_session_redis: Define missing property
    Affects System - Defines a missing property in the Moodle system that causes an error message to display.


  • UNSW3-154 - report_lti_creation: Show only preconfigured LTI instances in LTI Tool dropdown
    Affects Admin Staff - Improves LTI batch tool to only display LTI tools setup at the system level.
  • UNSW3-156 - theme_pvce: Theme style updates, added logo
    Affects Staff/Students - Updates to the PVCE theme including update to UNSW Sydney logo.
  • UNSW3-158 - report_lti_creation: Add filter based on category
    Affects Admin Staff - Improves LTI batch tool to allow ability to add activities to specific Moodle categories.
  • UNSW3-215 - Merge latest HOSTED branch
    Affects System - applies system and security patches.


  • UNSW3-102 - config: Update Gravatar Default URL settings
    Affects System - update the configuration of the Gravatar tool to use secure links.
  • UNSW3-163 - config: Track a new role Staff Auditor
    Affects System - The new Staff Auditor role is tracked by Blackboard.
  • UNSW3-164 - config: mod_hvp: Change permissions for roles in H5P module
    Affects Staff - Permissions for new H5P activity are modified and tracked by Blackboard.
  • UNSW3-198 - theme_pvce: Update PVCE theme with layout and login fixes
    Affects Staff/Students - Updates to the PVCE theme including updates to the login page layout.
  • UNSW3-210 - task: remove duplicate course type grade_item
    Affects Staff - Fixes an issue in a specific Moodle course that causes errors in a quiz.
  • UNSW3-213 - db: Set force theme for UNICL-University College category
    Affects UNSW Canberra Staff/Students - Track the configuration of the UNSW Canberra specific theme for courses in the Canberra Moodle category.
  • UNSW3-214 - config: Set moodle/course:changeidnumber to Allow for teltadministrator
    Affects TELT Admin - Tracks permission change for the Moodle TELT Administrator role.

Moodle Release - July 2017 Client Release 7


  • UNSW3-159 - local_educationaldesign: Fix erroneous sections when creating activities
    Affects System - Makes a fix to API.
  • UNSW3-166 - Apply BASE-2361: mod_readingame: Error adding an ASK question without a correct answer
    Affects System - Fixes a system error when user does not select a correct answer when setting up questions in the Reading Game.
  • UNSW3-194 - format_grid: Apply BASE-2368: Unable to change the course format to Grid format
    Affects Staff - Fixes an issue where administrative staff with relevant permissions were unable to select the Grid course format.


  • UNSW3-144 - mod: fix for Workshep and add calibration report
    Affects Staff - Fixes an issue where updating of previously created examples in the UNSW Workshop activity would break the display of the examples.
  • UNSW3-162 - Apply BASE-2344: assignfeedback_editpdf: Cron task freeze on problem pdf to image conversion
    Affects System - Fixes an issue where a backend task would freeze when specific types of PDF files were submitted to the Moodle assignment activity.
  • UNSW3-196 - local_educationaldesign: Add functionality to add questionnaire, turnitintooltwo, hsuforum, wiki and workshep
    Affects System - Add functionality to be able to add the questionnaire, Turnitin, Advanced Forum, Wiki and UNSW Workshop activity via API functions.
  • UNSW3-197 - mod_mediagallery: Rearrange the order of Galleries inside a Media Collection
    Affects Staff/Students - Adds improved functionality to re-order the galleries when viewing a media collection activity.
  • UNSW3-199 - repository_thebox: Split file picker to enhance search options
    Affects Staff/Students - Adds improved filtering capability when searching for theBox files in the Moodle editor.
  • UNSW3-200 - mod_mediagallery: Visual update
    Affects Staff/Students - Major visual improvements to the media collection when viewing media items.
  • UNSW3-202 - Merge latest HOSTED branch
    Affects System - applies system and security patches
  • UNSW3-203 - local_educationaldesign_externalservice: add authorization checks to functions
    Affects System - Adds additional checks on functions to ensure that the function is not performing activity on items it does not have permission on.
  • UNSW3-209 - local_educationaldesign: Add get blocks web service
    Affects System - Adds a new API function to pull block information.

New Feature

  • UNSW3-193 - local_educationaldesign: Add create & update LTI activity web service
    Affects System - Adds a new API function to be able to create and update LTI activities from API functions.


  • UNSW3-151 - config: mod_webpa: Set activity to hidden
    Affects Staff - Hides the WebPA activity in Moodle so that staff cannot use it. The TeamEvaluation tool replaces the WebPA activity.

Moodle Release - June 2017 Client Release 6


* UNSW3-128 - auth_cas: Fix authentication issue for CAS accounts using Android Mobile App
Affects Staff/Students - Fixed an issue where staff/students could not log into UNSW Moodle via the Moodle Mobile app on Android devices and iPad

* UNSW3-140 - lib: Resize embedded videos in popup glossary to fit the frame
Affects Staff/Students - Fixed an issue where videos appearing in glossary entry pop up windows was not being displayed properly.

* UNSW3-152 - mod_assign: Extension due date not showing in submission status
Affects Students - Fixed an issue where the extended due date was not being displayed in the Moodle assignment activity where they were granted an extension.

* UNSW3-161 - mod_readingame: Apply BASE-2332: Fix warning for game start and end
Affects Staff/Students - Fixed a warning for the Reading Game.


* UNSW3-121 - filter_thebox: Correctly show older non-wide screen videos
Affects Staff/Students - Fixed an issue where non-wide screen videos were being cut off when being embedded from theBox.

* UNSW3-133 - cron_nss: Fix issue causing sync to fail
Affects System - Fixed a permission issue that was causing the Moodle sync to fail.

* UNSW3-143 - theme_unsw_canberra: Apply new theme
Affects Staff/Students - Courses in the UNSW Canberra category of Moodle now display a UNSW Canberra logo.

* UNSW3-145 - Merge latest HOSTED branch
Affects Staff/Students - Applies system and security patches which includes a fix to prevent Moodle system outage when Turnitin service is experiencing issues.

* UNSW3-147 - theme_pvce: Update theme default colour
Affects Staff/Students - Update the theme colour of the new pilot PVCE theme.

* UNSW3-148 - mod_choice: Re-implement Choice Export customisation
Affects Staff - Add user ID and date/time stamp as separate columns to the Choice activity export.

New Feature

* UNSW3-130 - mod_readingame: Enabling this plugin
Affects Staff/Students - Adds the Reading Game activity to Moodle.

* UNSW3-138 - config/mod_hvp: Enable and config H5P plugin
Affects Staff/Students - Adds the H5P Interactive Content activity to Moodle. NOTE: Only certain H5P content types will be added as part of June release. To request other content types, please follow the New Feature Request process.

* UNSW3-141 - Apply BASE-2290: mod_turnitintooltwo: Only show open assignments in course overview
Affects Students - Improves the Course Overview block to only show open Turnitin assignments to students.


* UNSW3-149 - config: mod_workshep: Update role permissions
Affects System - Track permission updates to the UNSW Workshop activity.


Moodle Release - May 2017 Client Release 5


* UNSW3-142 mod_hvp: Apply BASE-2286 (f84702)
Affect System - Applies a backend database fix.


* UNSW3-109 theme_unsw_new: Update theme
Affects Staff/Students - Updates UNSW logo in the Moodle theme.

* UNSW3-113 theme_unsw_new: Improve remove custom menu items
Affects Staff/Students - Updates UNSW logo in the Moodle theme.

* UNSW3-124 qtype_ddimageortext: Minor GUI fixes
Affects Staff/Students - Fixes to user interface for the quiz drag & drop question type.

* UNSW3-129 config: Update MathJAX to 2.7
Affects Staff/Students - Updates MathJAX filter to version 2.7.

* UNSW3-131 Merge latest HOSTED branch
Affects Staff/Students - Applies system and security patches. Includes an updated Turnitin v2 plugin version.

* UNSW3-136 mod_workshep: Implement limiting submit on behalf of workflow by capability
Affects Staff/Students - Add a new Moodle permission for the submit on behalf of feature in the UNSW Workshop activity. This also fixes an issue where the non-submission count was being incorrectly calculated.

* UNSW3-137 auth_ldap: Reliability improvements
Affects System - Adds additional improvements and error checking to the user sync.


* UNSW3-118 config: Enable filter_mathjaxloader
Affects Staff/Students - Implements the MathJAX filter in Moodle which render mathematical formulas as text rather than as an image.

* UNSW3-123 config: Track updated auth/cas bind_dn setting
Affects System - Track changes to the connection settings for Moodle.

* UNSW3-127 config: Change the remaining permissions for Wimba tools modules
Affects Staff/Students - Hides the Wimba tools from the activity picker as they are no longer supported.

New Feature

* UNSW3-132 report_lti_creation: Mass add a LTI activity a match term code
Affects System Admin Staff - Adds a new capability for Moodle admin to batch add LTI activities into Moodle courses that match a specific term code.


Moodle Release - May 2017 Client Release EDA


* UNSW3-120 -local_educationaldesign: Implement Web Services for create/update activity/block/section operations
Affects System - Implement new custom APIs

Moodle Release - April 2017 Client Release 4


* UNSW3-94 mod_workshep: Implement and enable recalculate all calibrations on submission
Affects Staff - Implement a new feature where instructors can setup calibration stringencies during UNSW Workshop activity setup. Staff still retain the ability to update stringencies during the Calibration phase.

* UNSW3-119 repository_thebox: Implement assessable flag for student submissions
Affects Staff/Students - When a student uploads a media file to a Media Collection that is set to assignment type of collection, the associated file in theBox will be tagged as an assignment submission.

* UNSW3-122 Merge latest HOSTED branch
Affects Staff/Students - Applies system and security patches. Includes an updated Turnitin v2 plugin version

* UNSW3-115 mod_workshep: Improvements to submit on behalf of workflow
Affects Staff - Ability to submit on behalf of in UNSW Workshop activity is available during any phase of the UNSW Workshop activity. In addition, when student name has been added to the page when submitting on behalf of a student.

* UNSW3-110 theme_pvce: Update theme
Affects Staff/Students - Updates to the beta PVCE theme which includes a fix to hidden/orphaned sections that were appearing in the section listing.

* UNSW3-111 lang: local_teameval/block_teameval_templates: Update lang string
Affects Staff/Students - adds Beta tag to the Team Evaluation tool

* UNSW3-104 mod_teambuilder: lang: Add description string for activity selector pop-up
Affects Staff - Updates the description for the Team Builder activity in Moodle to make it more user friendly

* UNSW3-105 repository_dropbox: Enable the OAuth 2 API
Affects System - Update the configuration of the Dropbox repository to use the new API provided by the Dropbox company.


* UNSW3-117 task: Enable question duplication & execute cleanup tasks
Affects Staff - Implement some fixes to error check quiz questions that caused quizzes from being able to be duplicated.

* UNSW3-96 config: Change permission for Wimba voice modules
Affects Staff - Hides the Wimba voice activities from the activity picker in Moodle. Any existing Wimba activities that were previously added will still appear in courses.

New Feature

* UNSW3-116 auth_cas: Add command line override to Sync Scheduled Task
Affects System - Adds a system admin override for the Moodle sync.


* UNSW3-103 mod_forum: Fix automatically mark first post as read in single discussion mode
Affects Staff/Student - Fixes an issue where the first post in a single discussion forum would never be marked as read.

* UNSW3-107 block_teameval: Fix template block
Affects Staff - Apply bug fixes to the template functionality in the Team Evaluation tool.

* UNSW3-108 mod_hsuforum: Load correct parent post for AJAX threaded view
Affects Staff/Students - Fixes an issue in the Advanced Forum where the interface previously displayed the incorrect user who a poster replied to. Example, Student01 created post. Student02 replies and then Student03 replies to Student02. On Student03's reply, it would show that they replied to Student01 instead of Student02.

* UNSW3-112 mod_workshep: Fix error noevaluationcontext when enrolling users
Affects Administrators - Fixes an issue where an error occurred when trying to enrol cohorts of users to a course.

Moodle Release - March 2017 Client Release 3

New Feature
* UNSW3-76 mod_workshep: No Submission Required configuration
Affects Staff - ability to configure the UNSW Workshop activity so that students can participate without submitting a file (use cases include evaluation and peer assessment of performances).
* UNSW3-79 TeamEval: Add plugin and enable it (BETA)
Affects Staff/Students - Assignment and UNSW Workshop activities in group submission mode can now take advantage of the Team Evaluation feature that allows students to evaluate their group member’s contributions. See an introductory video at Please note that the TeamEval tool is in BETA.
* UNSW3-83 mod_workshep: Add submissions on behalf of users
Affects Staff - Give staff the ability to add submissions on behalf of students.
* UNSW3-87 config: Set allow for mod/assign:editothersubmission
Affects Staff - Change permissions for Moodle instructors so that they can submit on behalf of students.
* UNSW3-91 theme_unsw_new: Update logos
Affects Staff/Students - Update logos in Moodle to reflect new UNSW Sydney branding requirements.
* UNSW3-99 theme_pvce: Theme March update
Affects Staff/Students - Theme updates to the new PVC(E) theme currently in pilot.
* UNSW3-100 groups: Improve auto-create based on Class ID option
Affects Staff/Students - Improves the auto-create groups based on Class ID feature so that students who have unenrolled or changed class IDs are removed from groups that were previously created.
* UNSW3-101 Merge latest HOSTED branch
Affects Staff/Students - Applies system and security patches. Includes an updated Turnitin v2 plugin version.


Moodle Release - February 2017 Client Release 2


[UNSW3-78] - course_format: Topcoll empty section title functionality incorrectly activated
Affects Staff/Students - Section titles are now displayed correctly when sections are hidden

[UNSW3-89] - course_format: Topcoll hidden section titles not shaded when not in editing mode
Affects Staff/Students - Hidden sections are now shaded in a different colour to make it obvious that they are hidden


UNSW3-84 mod_mediagallery: Update gallery visibility display behaviour when in assignment mode
Affects Staff/Students - In group mode media galleries now display to all group members and not just the user who created the gallery

UNSW3-85 config: Enable site-wide SSL/HTTPS
Affects system - This improves the security of Moodle by using secure URL’s site wide

UNSW3-88 mod_forum: Automatically mark selected post as read
Affects Staff/Students - This allows staff and students to identify and read unread forum posts. Further development to improve this functionality will be undertaken as it currently only works well when the forum uses threaded view.

UNSW3-90 mod_mediagallery: Ignore number of lecturer created items
Affects Staff/Students - Lecturers can add files to a gallery without changing the maximum number of files a student can add

UNSW3-92 enrol_database: (block|report)_student_feedback: Student feedback pages
Affects Staff/Students - Adds a page to section 0 of each course to display feedback from students who have previously taken the course

UNSW3-93 Merge latest HOSTED branch
Affects System - applies system and security patches

UNSW3-95 theme_pvce: Update theme
Affects Staff - updates the new PVCE theme used as part of the CDT pilot

Moodle Release - January 2017 Client Release 1


[UNSW3-62] - mod_mediagallery: Center image without comment
Affects Staff/Students - Media Galleries now display as centred when comments are disabled to match the way comment enabled galleries display

[UNSW3-64] - mod_mediagallery: Remove embedded audio player for grid view
Affects Staff/Students - fixes a display error that occurs when a Media Gallery default is set to Audio view in a Moodle course that uses Grid view

[UNSW3-72] - mod_glossary: Add borders to entries and move approve icon location
Affects Staff/Students - minor interface display changes improve usability

[UNSW3-77] - theme_unsw_new: Update theme to version 3.0.3
Affects Staff/Students - fixes various theme issues including ability to edit Topic 0 description when course in is Topic mode

[UNSW3-80] - filter_thebox: Fix scrollbars appearing on thebox video iframe
Affects Staff/Students - removes the unnecessary scrollbars that appear when playing an embedded theBox video

[UNSW3-81] - Merge latest HOSTED branch
Affects System - applies system and security patches

[UNSW3-82] - filter_theboxembed: Install theBox video embedding filter
Affects Staff - the addition of an Install Media filter button to the TinyMCE editor allows theBox media to be added to Moodle activities and resources more easily

New Feature

[UNSW3-60] - theme_pvce: Initial version v2016052300
Affects Staff - adds a new theme for use by PVCE staff.

[UNSW3-73] - groups: Auto-create based on Class ID option
Affects Staff - adds the option to auto-create groups by Class ID


[UNSW3-71] - local_backup_manual: task: Refresh capability for the plugin
Affects Staff - allows staff with TELT Admin and Manager roles to create more than 2 course backup files

[UNSW3-75] - config: Add email address to block_online_users_monitor_email list
Affects System Admin - add additional system admin to system alert