Assessing with Wikis


Wikis are online collaborative writing spaces that have multiple authors and contributors. The most well known wiki is Wikipedia.

You can use wikis to develop a community of practice and establish a shared learning space within a face-to-face or blended course. Using wikis for assessment gives students a collective online space where they can share their knowledge, and helps them develop graduate attributes and enduring skills in multi-modal literacy.

A wiki can be an authentic task in which students develop a tangible product that can be used after the assessment. Wikis also engage learners within a digital learning environment and "allow students to perform asynchronous online collaboration, with the added capacity to structure, re-structure and interlink content" (Bower & Richards, 2006) in a safe, shared space.

Wikis can also pose some issues and challenges for assessors in their efforts to keep track of each student's contributions (Gehringer, 2008).

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