Course Materials and Copyright

Using other people's work in your course

Original works and other subject matter are automatically given copyright protections under Australian law. Copyright law is intended to provide a balance between rewarding creators for the use of their works and allowing users reasonable access to those works.

It is very likely you will want to include copyright-protected material in your Moodle course. Note that ensuring the correct usage and attribution of such material is your personal responsibility, and that you can be held liable for illegal copying or reproduction of copyrighted works.

Click this link for an overview of copyright in relation to UNSW course resources.

Library online resources—link to them correctly

When using the UNSW Library's online content in Moodle

  1. Find the publisher of the resource by checking the catalogue.
  2. Check the licence conditions database for that publisher to:
    • see if you are allowed to create a link
    • find instructions on creating a link to an article or to a publisher's website.
  3. Place the link you created in the appropriate location in your online course.

For further information about including Library content in your course, visit this page of the Library's website:

Copyright guidelines

For guidelines on the kind of material you can use in your course under copyright law, visit the Copyright Agency Limited site.

Copyright and audiovisual materials

The British Universities Film & Video Council have published these Audiovisual Citation Guidelines to encourage best practice in citing audiovisual materials.