Evaluating TELT

Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (TELT)

The TELT Evaluation Framework, developed in 2009 through to 2011, is designed to undergo iterative cyclical refinement and ongoing development, based on the results of the sub-layer evaluations themselves and an ever-changing staff, student and application landscape in which it is applied.

Therefore, readers are reminded that the nature, validity and applicability of the reviewed literature, the proposed processes, the suggested composition of the survey instruments, and the construction of the sub-layers are all likely to change in the future and undergo refinement and improvement in order to adapt to the evolving social, technological and institutional milieu.

Readers are certainly encouraged to use these document as the basis for understanding the aims, goals and structure of the Framework, but are invited to refer to the refinement documents for the most up-to-date information on Framework refinement, latest research, and the latest survey instruments and evaluation results.

We welcome questions and suggestions—please contact us for any clarification of the document or subsequent refinements.

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