Starting with the Learning Outcomes

What are learning outcomes?

Learning outcomes are the outcomes you plan for your students to achieve by the end of your course. When you write learning outcomes,  keep their focus on the actions of the students. Include content-based, cognitive (understanding and attitudinal) and application (skills-based) outcomes.

The outcomes will be articulated in the Course Outline (see Course Outline Template) but should be reviewed before each course offering.

For more information on learning outcomes, see the following pages:

Align learning activities to the outcomes

For each outcome, plan a series of activities to enable students to achieve the outcome or group of outcomes. It’s important to consider both the on and off line activities and ensure that knowledge and skills are coherently and incrementally developed using these learning activities.


Learning Outcome:

Identify and explore solutions to confront environmental challenges

Learning Activities:

  1. pre lecture reading
  2. lecture
  3. online tutorial: viewing six videos of a range of environmental challenges and responses
  4. reflective journal entries exploring these solutions
  5. tutorial discussion
  6. group assignment to establish environmental campaign site for an identified environmental challenge.
Useful Tip: In your first class meeting, describe the course learning outcomes.  Explain the wording carefully, so that students are clear on what they are, and are not, expected to achieve.

Moodle tools

Use a Page to present learning outcomes, or a Book to elaborate on them.