Beginning of the Semester

Preparing to teach a course

Video series - The Beginning of Semester

In these 4 videos, teachers talk about gaining confidence, and the rewards and challenges of teaching.

You probably attended university as a student. Now you are adopting a new role as a teacher, and it is only natural for you to feel uncertain of yourself at first. Like all other new responsibilities, you will evolve into this role. Be patient.


Lessons and classes do not always work out as you have planned. Being well prepared is the key to feeling in control. Go through the following checklists to make sure you are prepared for the class.

By preparing thoroughly, you build a solid framework within which you will be able to handle the unexpected. As you succeed in your classes and find your voice with students, your confidence will grow.

Remember that you are not alone - share any challenges and successes with your colleagues and supervisor throughout the Semester. This will help you to realise that you are part of a learning community.