End of Semester

Note: In Australia, we use the word "assessment" to refer to the measurement of student attainment in a course and "evaluation" to refer to the review and measurement of the effectiveness of our teaching. US literature often uses "evaluation" to refer to the measurement of student performance.

Formal evaluation

As must all enterprises, universities monitor learning and teaching processes for their effectiveness and review them for ways in which they could be improved. If the aim of the University course is to produce graduates with a particular set of capabilities, useful sources of data can be found both within and outside the University.

At the highest level, overall course evaluation and review is conducted annually using myExperience.

As part of the University's commitment to quality teaching and continued improvement, staff are expected to undertake at least one teaching evaluation each year. They are also expected to provide evidence of critical reflection on their teaching when Compiling a Case for Teaching for promotion, grants and awards. These mechanisms can provide you with formal and informal feedback on your teaching.

Don't forget, you are part of this process, so your own observations and reflections are a valuable source of data for course review. Ask your supervisor if formal procedures have been set up for your course, its assessment and student learning to be made responsive to your evaluation.

Further information

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