During the Semester

The following pages provide valuable information for teaching throughout the semester.

  • Planning a Lecture
  • Setting Up and Running a Tutorial (see Tutorials).
  • Teaching Approaches and Strategies
    This page is the first of a series outlining several different strategies (discussion, brainstorming) and contexts (lecture, lab etc.) in which teaching and learning can take place, the benefits and challenges of each strategy or context, and how to use each effectively.
  • Using Technology in Teaching
    This page defines "online" and "blended" learning, indicates the benefits and challenges of using these forms of learning and suggests ways you can use them effectively, ways you can evaluate existing online or blended courses, and further resources about technology and its use in education at UNSW.
  • Dealing with Students in Difficulty
    Here you can find links to websites where you and your students can find help when it all gets too much. Call for assistance when you or your students need it.
  • Dealing with Stressful Situations
    Deal with grievances using these procedures; obtain counselling if you are not coping; refer students to the proper assistance channels if they are having more than academic difficulties.
  • Assessment and Feedback
    The Assessment Toolkit is a comprehensive resource containing ideas, guidelines and practical strategies on the holistic processes of designing assessment. The Feedback page outlines students' and staff issues with feedback at UNSW, and indicates how you can provide more effective feedback and improve the likelihood that students will heed it.
  • Marking Tips
    This page deals with payment for marking, UNSW grading codes and their meanings, and the University's policies on marking.
  • Mid-Semester Evaluation
    This page talks about formative assessment, and how you and your students can keep track of the learning taking place in your course.