Provide Feedback

Your students value highly any feedback you give them on work completed throughout the course. Feedback should be constructive, meaningful and timely if it is to be useful, but the less time you have available, the less likely it is that you will be able to respond with such good quality feedback. Learning management system tools can help you deliver comprehensive feedback and save time.

Students may not recognise as feedback items that do not come directly from you—you should make clear to them the nature and value of responses obtained through peer assessment, self-testing or reflective exercises.

Using Moodle tools for feedback to students

You can use the Moodle News Forum to provide general feedback to the whole class after a learning activity or assessment task. You can discuss what was (and was not) done well, provide the range of marks across the class (without disclosing any individual's marks) and offer constructive advice as to how they might better approach the next assessment. You could also provide this feedback using a Voice or video announcement, instead of text.

You can also use discussion in the Moodle Forum to provide general feedback to your class. You might set up a separate forum for your feedback.

Assignment Submission Tool
You can provide individual feedback to students on their assignments submitted in Moodle. You may find it useful to save a few common comments in a document and copy and paste when required. See the Moodle support page Create an assignment.

Peer Assessment
Either using the Moodle Workshop tool or asking students to rate each other's discussion participation, can provide important feedback, and help students develop skills in both giving and receiving feedback.

Test Tool
Setting up self-tests (quizzes) with inbuilt feedback helps students assess their own learning. See the Create a quiz page.


  • Gilly Salmon's E-moderating book.