myExperience Survey Questions

myExperience Standard Questions

There are two sets of questions in the myExperience survey – course questions and teacher questions. The same teacher questions will be asked for all teachers i.e. lecturers and tutors.
The questions below are the standard questions that will appear on all myExperience student surveys. 
Course Questions
1. I felt part of a learning community.
2. The feedback helped me learn.
3. The digital resources helped me learn.
4. The assessment tasks were appropriate.
5. The amount of assessment was appropriate.
6. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of the teaching.
7. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of the course.
8. What were the best things about this course? [Open comments]
9. What could be improved? [Open comments]
Teacher Questions
1. This teacher encouraged student participation.
2. This teacher provided helpful feedback.
3. Overall I was satisfied with the quality of this person’s teaching.
4. The best features of this person’s teaching were__. [Open comments]
5. This person’s teaching could be improved by__. [Open comments]
Please note - in the live myExperience survey, teacher's [Preferred name] + [Last name] will be listed in replacement of 'this teacher' i.e. 'Joe Bloggs encouraged student participation'


The response options for all questions other than the open text questions, uses a 6 point Likert scale commonly used in surveys.  

Reading from the left-hand side the scale is:

  1. Strongly disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Moderately disagree
  4. Moderately agree
  5. Agree
  6. Strongly agree
  7. NA

Adding Additional Questions to the Survey

If you are involved in a course in the myExperience survey, you will be able to customise the survey by selecting an additional question from the myExperience Survey Question Bank. Adding a question is not compulsory and if no question is chosen the survey will go live to students with only the standard questions.
Course convenors can add one course question to the standard core questions.
Teachers can add one question about their teaching.
The Guide to Adding a Survey Question page will assist you. The opportunity to add questions will usually be available for one week, just prior to the survey going live to students.


Adding Questions to the myExperience Survey Question Bank

You can also request additional questions be added to the Survey Question Data Bank by emailing the request, containing the text of the question/s and a short explanation as to why you feel the question is necessary, to the myExperience team at  

Please read the current questions in the Survey Question Data Bank before you submit a request, as questions which are very similar to existing questions are unlikely to be approved.  The questions cannot be only applicable to a specific course.

Requests for additional questions need to be approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education).